Special introduction to Server 2003 forest functional level


Windows Server forest functional level? Many users can't help asking: What is this? In fact, the domain and forest features in Windows Server 2008 R2 AD DS Domain Services provide a way to enable global domain in the network context. Methods of sexual or forest-wide functions, different network environments, and different domain functions and forest functional levels.

With the increase of the Windows Server operating system version number, its functions are gradually enriched and improved. Starting with Windows Server 2003, you can select different forest functional levels to meet different needs when configuring AD. In Windows Server 2008, you can choose a richer forest functional level that supports Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008. However, it should be noted that in the Windows Server system, all forest functional levels are backward compatible, but upward compatibility is not supported, that is, Windows Server 2003 supports the Windows 2000 forest functional level, but Windows 2000 does not support Windows Server 2003. Forest functional level.

In the Windows Server configuration wizard, although there is a description of the relevant forest functional level, but it is not very detailed, this article will give a detailed description of the forest functional level in Windows Server:

Windows 2000

----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Available features:

All default AD DS features are available

Windows Server 2003

----------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------

Available features:

All default AD DS features, as well as the following features:

Forest Trust

Domain Rename < Br>

Link Value Replication

Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers

Improved Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) Algorithms and Scalability

Improved ISTG Algorithm

The ability to create a dynamic helper class instance named dynamicObject in a domain directory partition

To convert an inetOrgPerson object instance to a User object instance and the ability to do the opposite conversion

Creating a new group type instance to support role-based authorization

Deactivating and redefining attributes and classes in the schema

Windows Server 2008

---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Available features: < Br>

All features in all Windows Server 2003 forest functional levels are supported, but there are no other features available. However, you can operate on all Windows NT 2008 domain functional levels for all domains that are added to the forest in the future.

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