Move the flowers to solve the problem that Win2000 can't start


One day after the festival, I received a call from my colleague. His office computer could not be started and requested assistance. I immediately rushed over, opened the computer and saw that the self-test is normal. When I was ready to start Windows 2000, the screen prompts: In the specified directory, the required system startup file is lost and cannot be started normally. This is a big problem, because the colleague's computer keeps a large number of candidates' data. If you don't hurry to fix the computer, the consequences are really unimaginable. Anyway, let's try it first.

It would be great if the system could be repaired automatically through the installation disk. So, I took the Windows 2000 installation disk and tried to fix it. But after trying it for a long time, there was no effect. In desperation, I only thought of reinstalling this road.

Because there are a lot of applications in the computer, it is really too much trouble to think that the original application can still run normally, because there are many installation windows that can't be found. If you can achieve the normal operation of the original application after installing the new system, it is really happy. Anyway, if you think about it, try it. Of course, data backup is a must-do job. I first backed up the important data on the current computer hard drive to another machine. And the "WINNT", "Program Files", "Document and Settings" folders have also been backed up, to know that the original system files, applications and user desktop information stored in them, they It is very useful to restore the old system in the future. The next step is to reinstall the system on the original machine. Start through the system installation disk, select the reinstall option, select the target location as the C drive (no need to partition again, no need to format), and rename the installed system folder to “Win2000”, the purpose of this is In order to save the information in the original system folder. The next step is to install it in the normal steps. Soon, the system is installed (no need to set the system hardware at this time), the computer has been able to start normally. However, the applications originally installed on the computer will not work. At this time, I thought of the folder that was originally backed up, and maybe it might be useful. I first renamed the “Document and Settings” folder and copied the previously backed up “Document and Settings” folder to the root directory of the C drive. Run the "Boot.ini" file to set the path of the startup line, from the current "Win2000" to "WINNT (original system folder)", and save the file after the change. After this is over, restart the system. At this time, the boot option appears on the screen, and select the “WINNT (default)” option from it. I waited with excitement, and the long-lost system screen appeared on the screen. Just click on any application icon on the desktop, haha, the damaged system was revived. Through the above method of transplanting wood, I realized the requirement to use the newly installed system to restore the old system. This method, in the real work, is very practical for many friends who have similar requirements to me. Tip: Using the above method will also cause some parts of the program to not work properly.

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