Win2008 HPC cluster combat to add nodes to


Windows HPC Server 2008 simplifies the process of deploying compute nodes by providing automatic node mirroring, automatic naming of nodes, and other features that make deployment tasks smooth. In addition, it provides tools for monitoring the progress of your deployment.

Unlike previous versions of Windows HPC Server 2008, the default settings for Windows HPC Server 2008 only respond to Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE) requests from existing compute nodes. This default setting is automatically changed when you add a node from scratch using the "Add Node Wizard". Also, you can change this setting manually at any time.

Before adding a node to a cluster, verify that your cluster's physical network topology matches the topology specified in the head node. To see the network topology currently specified for your cluster, click "Network" in the "Configuration" & navigation pane".

(1) Deploying compute nodes from bare metal

In the "Node Management" "Actions" pane, click "Add Node". The "Add Node Wizard" will appear.

On the "Select Deployment Method" page, click "Deploy the compute node from bare metal using the operating system image", and then click "Next".

In the "Node Template" list on the "Select New Node" page, click the name of the node template that contains the step of deploying the operating system image.

Open the computer you want to add as a compute node to the cluster. These computers will be listed in the "Add Node Wizard" because they will contact the head node during PXE boot. These computers are named using the named series that you specified when you configured the head node.

After listing all the computers you have open, click "Select All", then click "Deploy". If you see a node that you don't want to deploy at this time, you can deselect it.

On the "Complete Add Node Wizard" page, if you plan to deploy more nodes, click "Continue to respond to all PXE requests". If you do not plan to deploy more nodes, click "Respond only to PXE requests from existing compute nodes".

To track the progress of your deployment, check the "Go to Node Management to track progress" checkbox and click "Complete".

During the deployment of a compute node, the state of the node is set to "Setting". After the deployment process is successfully completed, the status of the node will change to "Offline". To bring a node that has completed deployment online, do the following:

In the "Node Management" & navigation pane, click "Node".

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