Considerations for upgrading to Vista/2008 SP2


Recently, Microsoft released SP2 patches for Windows Server 2008 and Vista. If you have previously installed the Beta version of SP2, you will need to uninstall this patch before upgrading to the official version. In Windows 2008/Vista, the "Places" of uninstalling the patch has changed, please pay attention to your friends. (1) Double-click “Windows Update" from the "Control Panel", as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Select Windows update (2) Click on the "Installed Updates" in the lower left corner, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Installed Updates (3) Uninstall KB948465, which is the beta version of SP2 installed, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Uninstalling KB948465 (4) After uninstalling the installation, restart the computer, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 Immediate restart (5) After re-entering the system, install Windows Server 2008/Vista SP2, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5 Installing SP2 (6) During the installation process, select the “Automatically restart the computer” option, so that during the update to SP2, the computer will automatically restart, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6 Automatically restart the computer option (7) About 36 minutes (in my machine, Core 2, 4GB memory), after entering the system again, it prompts that SP2 has been installed, as shown in Figure 7. Show.

Figure 7 Installation is complete (8) In the "About" dialog box, you can see the version number after installation, as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8 SP2 version number

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