Windows XP System Task Manager has been disabled. Solution


When it comes to Windows
XP taskbar is disabled by the administrator, I thought it was the administrator user who was still locked. Live, the solution to this problem is very simple, you can solve the problem by following the method below.

Operation steps

1, the user may encounter the taskbar is disabled, as shown in the following figure, when encountering such a problem, follow the steps below to solve.

2, press “Win+R” on the keyboard to open the run and enter “gpedit.msc” then press “OK”.

3. Open “Group Policy> Select it User Configuration”→“Management Mode”→“System”→“ Ctrl+Alt+Del option”.

4. In the right window, click “Delete Task Manager”→”Properties“ in the window to the right of Ctrl+Alt+Del.

5, “Delete Task Manager>Settings in Settings"Unconfigured“Press “OK" to remove administrator restrictions.

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