Win7 system can not boot to display the cause and solution of WUMTC is missing Graphic tutorial

Win7 system boot pop-up "WUMTC is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" prompt, can not boot? The following small series brings the win7 system can not boot to display the reason and solution of WUMTC is missing graphic tutorial, let's take a look!
Cause analysis:

This happens because the computer is forced to shut down and the disk is damaged.

Workaround: We need to reinstall the system to solve

1, first we need to make a U disk boot disk

2, download “Windows7 operating system ”, extract the iso file, copy the “Windwos7.gho” file in the folder to the U disk;

3, insert the U disk into the boot ROM WUMTC is missing computer, then Start the computer, press the corresponding (startup shortcut button), use the up and down arrow keys to select the option at the beginning of “USB”, press the Enter key;

4, press “1” Enter the PE system, if you can't enter the use 2 or 3 option to re-enter;

5, open “Diskg partition tool”;
6, select "HD0”" on the left side, and then click “ Quick partition & rdquo;;
7, select the number of partitions on the left, generally select "3 partitions", click & ldquo; OK & rdquo; can start partitioning;
8, after partitioning, double-click to open On the desktop, "old peach pe one-key reloading", as long as the windows7.gho file is correctly placed in the U disk, here Automatic identification, click on the & ldquo; OK & rdquo; to start the automatic installation system;
9, wait for the time to read the article 100 will pop up automatically restart the countdown, then we will unplug the U disk, automatically deploy Win7.

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The above is the win7 system can not boot display WUMTC is missing The reason and solution The introduction of the entire content of the graphic tutorial, friends with the same problem can be set up according to the above methods!

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