Win10 system desktop empty at the bottom of a row how to do Win10 system desktop icon empty one line and two solutions

use Windows10 official version of the system process, found that there are 2, 3 row icons on the desktop, but at the bottom is very large One line, what should I do? The following small series will share the specific solutions for you.

Cause analysis:
In fact, the problem is caused by the icon being too large.
Workaround 1:
Press and hold the keyboard on the desktop, Ctrl & rdquo; do not put, then use the mouse wheel to scroll backwards, the icon will be smaller;
Solution 2:
stand-alone on the desktop Right click and select “View”Check “Automatically arrange icons”

win10 desktop icon layout is confused how to do win10 system after playing the game, the location of the desktop icon is confused and the solution
The above is the reason for the Win10 system desktop icon empty line and two The introduction of all the solutions, each method is very simple, we just follow the above steps, the bottom line of the desktop will not appear very empty.
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