What should I do if I don't receive the Win10 first anniversary update? Just one command can get


Microsoft has started to push the official version of Win10 one anniversary update on August 3, Beijing time, but this push is basically the same as a year ago. It's all done in batches, so there are still many users who haven't received the new version. This makes some users more anxious, after all, this version has made a lot of progress in terms of functions and values. How can I get Microsoft to push the first anniversary version for you now? Teach you to get it with one command.

The method is very simple. After the IT home test, the official version of Win10 1511 (10586) can be successfully upgraded. The specific operation is as follows:

1. Open the following path and delete it. All files (not delete the download folder):


Note that this may require administrator privileges, click on the dialog box when popping up “ Continue & rdquo; (as shown above).

2, press Win+R to open “Run”

3, execute the wauuclt.exe /updatenow command (click on the input and confirm ”, pay attention to the middle space, as shown below

At this point, enter the Windows update of the settings application, search for updates again, you should find that the Windows 10 first anniversary update version is pushed for you.

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