Win10 install office mouse right button does not add new office items how to do?


Microsoft Office is installed in window 10, but there is no Microsoft Office item on the right mouse button. The following solutions hope to help you!

1, press the window key + R, enter regedit

2, open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hidden items

3, find the office The file corresponds to the suffix and opens the hidden items (eg excla suffixes are .xlsx and .xls, word suffixes are .docx and .doc, ppt suffixes are .pptx and .ppt)

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4, right mouse button → new & rarr; item

5, the item name is Word.Sheet.12

6, in Word.Sheet. 12 (new item in Excel named: Excel.Sheet.12) continue to create a new item, the item name is ShellNew

7, create a string value in the ShellNew item, the name is: FileName, No need to write assignment data


1, the new item in Word is named: Word.Sheet.12 (new item name in Excel is: Excel.Sheet.12)

2, FileName, no need to write assignment data

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