Win10 TH2 official version 10586 homemade Chinese ISO system image download 32/64 bit


Microsoft today pushed Win10 Build 10586 Express Edition update to Windows Insider members. After this update, the watermark in the lower right corner of the desktop has disappeared, and the system will automatically quit the Insider after the upgrade, but the official has not announced that the version is the version that will be pushed to the public. We call it TH2 Version.

As usual, Microsoft's official ESD image file was used to create an ISO image for everyone to download and use.

Note: The image is converted by Microsoft's official Chinese version of esd. It has been installed and tested. Please verify SHA1 after downloading to ensure that the file is intact.

Win10 TH2 official version 10586 Simplified Chinese Professional Edition 32-bit:

File: TH2_Build_10586_x32_EN-CN.iso




Network disk download (3.85GB)

Win10 TH2 official version 10586 Simplified Chinese Professional Edition 64-bit: File: TH2_Build_10586_x64_EN-CN.iso MD5: 0BC85922FC44355FF73C5453B302D741 SHA1:EEF2ECB123780663C63FD3ECD02A3E2FB91982DBp> CRC32:A3238E0E

Network disk download (2.98GB)

Extract code: czg9

Three activation paths: 1. Use Win7, Win8, Win8 .1, Win10 genuine key activation; 2, upgraded on the basis of activated Windows7, Windows8, Windows 8.1, Win10; 3, has activated Win10 Professional Edition of the computer, will be automatically activated after installation.
Hint: The latest version of the soft media cube has been built into the image file. After the installation is successful, you can use the Rubik's cube to optimize the system settings and quickly download the necessary software for installation, which will bring convenience to your use.

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