What should I do if Windows 7 switches to the classic theme?


The animation effects of Windows 7 and the special effects of frosted glass are very popular, but many people like classic themes. We always feel a bit stuck after switching back to the classic theme, why?

1. First select the classic theme of Windows 7

2. After adjusting to the classic theme, right click on the desktop and select Adjust screen resolution.

3. In the pop-up window, select the advanced settings as shown.

4. Select the monitor in the pop-up window and adjust the screen refresh rate to 60HZ.

5, at the same time right-click on the computer to select properties

6, open the properties and select the system advanced settings

7, in the system settings Select Advanced, Settings.

8, according to personal preferences, change, it is best to select smooth, fade in and out options, so as to improve the smoothness of the animation.

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