Upgrade win10 technology preview user use notes explain


What should I pay attention to when upgrading the win10 technology preview? The win10 system in the technical preview stage already has many new features. More and more small partners also want to see the true content of win10, and they all join Windows Insider. Insider plan, do the first-time users feel that the new system is not used? Next, Xiaobian will share with you ten tips for upgrading the win10 technology preview. Take a look at the little friends you need.

1. Turn off syncing

Users only need to use Microsoft account to register Windows Insider beta program to get the latest test from Microsoft related page. Versions, including beta app stores and feedback apps. Microsoft can also learn about the specific situation of users using Win10, and then repair and improve the system accordingly.

However, most users will use the same Microsoft account on all Windows systems. Log in to the system using a Microsoft account and the system will synchronize the user's previous settings to the Win10 system. However, this may cause some problems. If you just want to test Win10 briefly, you probably don't need to sync your previous settings to the new system. Then, it's best to turn off the system's sync option.

2, Open Cortana

Cortana is a private digital assistant from Microsoft. It was originally introduced in WP8.1 and has been added to Among the Win10.

If you did not open Cortana after installation, click on the search box in the taskbar and click &lquo;Allow ” to open Cortana. When you use it for the first time, you will be asked to enter the name Cortana calls you.

After the setup is complete, when you try to say "Hey COrtana" to Cortana, you will find that it doesn't work. This is because, in view of privacy issues, this feature is turned off by default. You can open the Cortana setup options by clicking the button in the top left corner. Scroll to the bottom and find the <Let Cortana respond when you say‘Hey Cortana’“options to open it.

After turning it on, you can try to say "Hey Cortana to Cortana, please help me check the recent weather".

Since the Win10 preview version of Build10041, Cortana has been opened in China, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

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