What should I do if the latest preview version of win10 cannot switch Microsoft accounts?


Starting from win8, Microsoft has highlighted the importance of Microsoft accounts in order to take care of PAD and mobile platforms. Of course, the most troublesome is the computer users who are used to the local user system.

1. Many services in win10, such as cloud disk, application store, etc., need to log in with Microsoft account to get all the functions. If you log in with a local account, you will be prompted to switch to Microsoft account.

2, but Xiaobian switched several times, win10 always gives an error, the error code is as follows 0xd00000bb; check the Microsoft website has no clear reason, search for a win8.1 also has this problem.

3, the root cause is that this computer is upgraded by win7. For convenience, there are only default administrator users at the time, other users have been deleted, and the default administrator user is Unable to switch.

4, this is also the reason for the new installation of win8, win10, will require a new user, Microsoft has now not recommended to use the default user administrator, and even guide other users.

5, knowing this reason, it is convenient to handle it. In the <My Computer> single-click right-click, select Manage in the pop-up menu, select <Local User and on the Computer Management page. Group >, then select New User.

6, the new user default permissions are only user, can not operate high-level work, such as user management, if you need the appropriate administrator rights, you need to join the user to the administrator group, in the user property page , select the <Subordinate to> section to add the user to the Administrators group.

7. Log in with the newly created user, and then switch the Microsoft account operation accordingly. There will be no error in the second step. After the normal switch, you can use the cloud-related functions.

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