Win10 input method has been disabled IME can not input Chinese, what should I do?


When the Windows10 system is used for a period of time, it is found that when the input method is used to input Chinese, the icon in the lower right corner shows that the Windows 10 input method has disabled IME, and the Chinese cannot be input normally, then the Windows 10 input method cannot input Chinese. How to do it?

1. After logging in to the Windows 10 system desktop, right-click on the Start menu icon in the lower left corner and select ““Computer Management” menu item in the pop-up menu

2. In the "Computer Management" window that opens, locate the "Task Scheduler" menu item under the left system tool.

3. Click the small triangle icon in front of the Task Scheduler and expand “Microsoft/Windows/TextServicesFramework”menu items

4, then display the MsCtrMonitor item in the right window

5, right click on the MsCtrMonitor item, then pop up In the window, select the "Enable" menu item, so you can use the Windows 10 input method to input Chinese

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