Two ways to open Win10 running tools without shortcut keys


win10 system running tool, everyone is familiar, you can find it when you are in trouble, but where is it? how to open? Many people use the quick win+R to call it out. In fact, you can find it without a shortcut. This article describes two ways to open a running tool without a shortcut.

Method one:

Enter the run in the search box of the Start menu and it will automatically find the program to run.

automatically search for the first run is to run the tool.

Right-click on that run above you can secure it to the start screen or taskbar.

Start Menu there to see, there is an option to run, if the need arises Click here for it.

Method Two: Right

Click the icon on the Start menu, you can see the run this tool, click on the open. After

Open win10 system running tool will open the appropriate program based on user input, folders, documents or Internrt resources. The next time you want to use the running tool, you should know how to open it.

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