Win8 how to set virtual memory to expand storage space to play large game tips virtual memory is not enough


When playing a large game under Win8 system, it often reminds me that the virtual memory is not enough. In fact, it is really not enough memory to support such a large game running. At this time, users can solve the problem of expanding the storage space by setting the size of virtual memory. this problem.

Win8 skillfully set the virtual memory to expand storage space:

1, open the System Properties. Right click on “this computer”—“property";

2. Click on the left “Advanced System Settings 

3. Enter the system property interface. In the performance options click “ Settings & rdquo;;

4, virtual memory options & ldquo; change & rdquo;;

5, in this interface select “ custom size & rdquo;, in &ldquo The initial size & rdquo; and “maximum & rdquo; after the box fill in the value you want.

After the Win8 system correctly sets the virtual memory, it can not only solve the problem of playing a large game card machine, but also speed up the operation of the system. It can be said that it is a two-way operation method.

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