Win8 prepares homework 13 features worth collecting


Although Microsoft has introduced many new features and features of Windows 8, Windows 8 still feels like a half-face. At the end of this month, the first Beta of Windows 8 will be released publicly, and everyone will be able to experience this new operating system in person. Before that, if you have a vague understanding of Windows 8, then follow us to take a look at the 13 features that Windows 8 has to say:

1. Quick start. Windows 8 uses a new fast-start mode, using the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) to replace the old BIOS interface, with a solid-state hard drive, boot time is only 6 to 7 seconds.

2, Reset (Reset) and Refresh (Refresh). “Refresh” and “Reset” can achieve higher reload efficiency, and Windows 8 reinstalls the system in just 6 minutes. Reset your PC: Remove all personal data, apps and settings from your PC, and reinstall Windows; Refresh your PC: Keep all personal data, Metro style apps and important settings for your PC, and Reinstall Windows.

Further, in the fault handler interface also provides a Microsoft & ldquo; reset & rdquo; or & ldquo; refresh & rdquo; system services. Even if you are not a technology expert, you can easily solve computer problems through this easy-to-use interface.

3, Windows to Go. Windows To Go is a super useful feature of Windows 8 that allows users to run Windows 8 with enterprise applications, data and settings on a USB storage device such as a USB stick. In other words, Windows 8 can take wherever you go, and your personal data can be carried with you.

4, Windows Store. The Windows Store is a new feature introduced in Windows 8. Developers can sell their applications written for Windows 8 here, and regular users can find a large number of applications, including paid and free. In addition, the Windows 8 app store is the only designated place for Windows 8 users to download Metro style apps. The Windows 8 app store is divided into sections, including games, social, entertainment, music & videos, books, news.

5, Ribbon user interface. Office 2007's innovative approach to the Ribbon interface is very popular with users, and Microsoft will introduce it into Windows 8, for example, the resource manager. The Ribbon interface can intuitively provide users with a lot of shortcuts, such as copy, cut, move to, select all … …

6. Support Wi-Fi Direct. Although this feature has been drowned in the many new features of Windows 8, it is worth mentioning. Like Android 4.0, Windows 8 will natively support Wi-Fi Direct, an emerging proximity P2P technology that uses standard 802.1n Wi-Fi wireless network signal transmission, but does not require routing, any Wi-Fi device can be directly Communicate with other Wi-Fi devices.

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