Mistakenly deleted 360ld.mbr file caused the system black screen can not see any program icon interface solution


The day before yesterday inadvertently deleted some of the 360 ​​files, when I started the computer last night, I found that the system prompts me:
insert Windows installation CD and restart the computer, select the language setting, ranunculus click <; next & rdquo;. Click “Fix the computer”. If you do not have this CD, please contact your system administrator or computer programmer. File: \\360rescue\\360ld.mbr Status: 0xc000000r Info: The selected item could not be loaded because the application is missing or... Waiting for God's prompt. I said that there are no such prompts. How come suddenly there today, no matter how the system prompts you to choose an account, enter a password, etc., enter 呗... then I wait for the left, etc. After entering, how is the fucking It’s dark, my application went, my documentation, my computer, my LOL, I... I couldn’t see it anymore... Wood has... Well, restart the system and go After reading the above tips, I remembered that I deleted some things the day before yesterday and accidentally deleted the things in 360. I inserted them on another computer and they all solved them. I went to the 360 ​​forum and looked at it. I found that there were children’s shoes in this situation. The 360 ​​answer did not help me solve this problem... I struggled for a long time, reinstalling the system, so hard to wait, a lot of software must be heavy Loading, this method is not working! Then what to do? See the above prompt to insert the CD, so I went to find a xp CD, after inserting the security boot sample... Enter the password, wait for a while and then enter, it is easy to enter Now, deliberately uninstall all the programs of 360, after a mess, restart the computer, quit the disc, and found that there is no such hints, my heart suddenly had a good feeling, and sure enough, after entering the password, all normal.

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