I lied about the system installer


Newly bought MS FingerPrint Reader, a fingerprint reader. However, the supporting software Digital Persona Password Manager cannot be installed on Windows 2003. This software is only allowed to be installed on Windows XP/2000. Windows 2003 belongs to the same series as XP and 2000. The structure has certain inheritance. From the analysis of the purpose of this software, it should be used on Windows 2003. It is estimated that The developer did not expect anyone to install and use on Windows 2003, and made restrictions on the installation package. So how to circumvent its limitations and fool the system installer?

The first is to use ORCA to modify the installer and find the LaunchCondition removal version limit (Figure 1). This is a commonly used and effective method, but it has been refused to run after using this installation software.

Then use NTSwitch to disguise Windows 2003 as Windows XP (here reminder, NTSwitch has certain dangers to the system, please pay attention to backup work.) But after restarting, there is an error. Log in and only switch back to Safe Mode and switch to Server Mode.

It seems that only the use of nirvana is used. Looking for a computer with Windows XP installed, in order to avoid unnecessary interference, it is recommended not to load and unload too much software, if it is the new system is best. Exit all daemons as much as possible, and use MSConfig to turn off their self-starting run; then, please leave the main character ——InstallRite, which is an installation and production tool for monitoring and cloning software installation. After installation and operation, select “Install new software and create an installation package” (see Figure 2) to enter the wizard mode; you can adjust the options according to the wizard, or use the default mode; then InstallRite will automatically scan the system to make a raw snapshot Then select the Digital Persona Password Manager installer, InstallRite will launch the installer, and narrow yourself down in the taskbar; after the installation is complete, click Next, InstallRite will scan the system again, compare it with the original snapshot, build an installation based on the changes package. You can tick “Allow the old file to be replaced, otherwise the user will be prompted” and “Allow the reschedule” item (Figure 3).

Copy the generated installation package back to your computer and run it. The package generated by InstallRite will be completely loyal to the original installation process, and will ignore the system differences and even force the installation. It is by using this feature that we have completed the big move and put the program into the original rejected system.

Running Digital Persona Password Manager on Windows 2003 is fine.

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