Analyze the cause of the sudden failure of the right mouse button and the solution


Whether you are surfing the Internet or playing online games, it may be indispensable for the usual work, and now the mouse is becoming more and more powerful, even smart, and the mouse is getting more and more. Just look at how you operate. You can solve a lot of problems with the mouse, such as: make the font bigger, smaller, flip pages and so on, and the role of the right button is equally important, but what is the reason if your right mouse button is out of order! How to solve it? Let's take a look at the reasons and solutions:

One: The system is busy, can't respond, your system is installed for too long, or the software is too much, the registry is too large garbage; or the disk has not been used for a long time. Finishing; or install a number of additional right-click menu software; or anti-virus software (anti-virus software or anti-virus software anti-virus software download) settings are too conservative, the solution can try to optimize the computer (computer (computer)) system.

Second, the mouse used for a little longer, or pulled hard times, the four wires inside the mouse have one or several broken, or poor contact, this breakpoint is generally not far in front of the mouse, you test a few times You can know, press the twisted wire while right clicking, and go forward a little. Of course, it is related to everyone's habits, and the places that are often pulled or folded are good. This is generally a mouse hardware failure can be taken apart to see if there is no bad contact, the repair is generally good.

Third, hard disk (one of the HDD storage media) problem, when the hard disk (one of the hard disk HDD storage media) has bad sectors, or too much fragmentation. This may be read with the virtual memory call hard disk (one of the hard disk HDD storage media), of course, this situation will be very slow, use the chkdsk command. When cleaning up the debris, find the files with many fragments, move them to other disks, and move them back after finishing. This is effective and fast. The solution is usually to restart the computer (computer (computer)) and the fault disappears.

Fourth, maybe related to some services of the system, such as the file system, causing system delay, many friends like to try to improve the system speed, disable some mouse services, this requires their own Check it out.

Another situation is that many new friends will have a big misunderstanding when browsing the web. When there are beautiful pictures or wonderful texts on the webpage, you usually select the target and right click. In the pop-up menu, select “Save Image As & rdquo; or “Copy” to achieve our goal. However, there are many web pages that block the right mouse button, so that we don't respond when we press the right mouse button. But in the computer (computer (computer)) operating software is normal or browsing the normal website is normal, in fact, this situation is caused by the use of the screen right button.

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