Causes and failures of win2008 500 internal error can not show detailed errors


Changed to the 2008 system, the website background shows 500 internal errors, open the website http error message can not display detailed errors.

In fact, this problem can be displayed by modifying the 2008 system's iis settings.

Of course, first of all, you have to see if your friend's error message is displayed as shown in the figure:

Let IE display detailed error information: Menu--Tools--Internet Options--Advanced-- Display friendly HTTP error messages, remove this option, then refresh the error page and you will see detailed error messages!

The common causes of 500 errors are: ASP syntax error, ACCESS database connection statement error, file reference and include path error, using components not supported by the server such as FSO.

In addition, for win2008 IIS does not display detailed error information by default. The following is the key part. In 2008, it does not display detailed errors.

1. Open IIS and click the "error page" in the global settings (note that it must be the global website!)

2. Edit the function in the upper right corner Settings.

2. In the error response, select the second item's "detailed error"

3. After confirming, refresh IE will display detailed Error message.

Noteworthy: If this is set, you cannot customize the error page for 500 internal errors. I suggest you change it back after you find the error.

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