Advantages of Ribbon Software in Win8 System

Microsoft has released the Win8 system for a long time. Many users have found many software and processes in the open folder, such as the Ribbon software in the Win8 system. What is a ribbon? What is the role? The following small series to explain the role and advantages of the Ribbon software. Let's go and have a look!
Software Name:
Win8 Ribbon Style Explorer Better Explorer v2.0.3.21220 Multilingual Chinese Installation
Software Size:

Ribbon explained:

Ribbon function i.e. Zone, part of the new Microsoft Office Fluent user interface (UI), with a collection of command buttons and graphical panels. The ribbon contains functions for creating, editing, and exporting. The Ribbon organizes the commands into a set of "tags", each application has a different set of tags that demonstrate the functionality provided by the program. In each tab, various related options are grouped together. The Windows Ribbon makes the look even more gorgeous, while reducing the number of mouse clicks.

Ribbon Features:

Divided into groups "labels", so that the window title bar is perfectly blended together.

Ribbon Advantages:

1. All functions are organized and combined, no need to find cascading menus, toolbars, etc.;

2, better Execute function commands;

3, quick display of more commands;

4, layout can reduce the user's mouse clicks;

5, can display the command execution effect Preview, such as changing the color of the text, etc.;

6. Bringing a better human-machine experience to the touch.

The above is the detailed content of the Ribbon software in the Win8 system brought to you by Xiaobian. Through the above description, we also understand the role and advantages of the Ribbon software!

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