8GB to 3GB--Vista operating system streamlined installation method


Windows operating system is introduced to the market from generation to generation, but also a generation is more than the "appetite" of a generation. The new Windows Vista, which takes up to 8GB of hard disk space for the first time, and the hard drive of the computer after installing other applications, many users are looking for a "slimming" approach to Windows Vista.

Recently, the developers of the Windows XP era of the well-known system streamlining software nLite, finally launched the Windows Vista operating system-specific streamlined program - vLite (below), which can make the hard disk space occupied by Windows Vista significantly reduced to 3GB or so. It not only saves the storage space of the hard disk, but also does not affect the normal use. The author will discuss in detail with you.

First, Vista dedicated software--vLite

Because Windows Vista and the previous generation of Windows XP installation procedures are different, developers of nLite software found that they can not The installation simplification step is integrated into the same software interface, so from the nLite version 1.2.1, the Windows Vista installation simplification step is separated into a separate program -- vLite. Although vLite has the same purpose as nLite, but since the home version of Windows Vista has just been released, and vLite has just added support for x64 version of Vista, its design is not perfect, so it is still in beta (beta). name. The latest version of vLite 0.95 beta software supports the Windows Vista installer after Release Candidate 2 (Build 5744). You can find more detailed support from its official website.

Software Name: vLite
Software Nature: Freeware
Latest Version: 0.95 beta
File Size: 900KB
Download URL: http://www.mydown.com/soft /utilitie/systems/252/414752.shtml

Note: You need to install the Microsoft NET Framework 2.0 or later redistributable package.

Second, vLite operation steps

1. Download and install the vLite software. When running for the first time, the program will ask the user whether to install the "File System Filter Manager" and "WIM Fliter" functions. The former provides the easiest way for the operating system to add various function filters; the latter provides a virtual DVD disc image loading function, which is necessary for making a Windows Vista installation image file for burning.

2. After entering the main operation interface of vLite, first click the “Browse” button in the middle of the interface to select the directory location of the Windows Vista installer (Figure 3). It is recommended to copy the Windows Vista installation directory on the CD to your computer's hard drive to speed up.

Figure 3

3. After selecting the Windows Vista installation directory, vLite will automatically detect the Windows Vista version in the installation directory. Since the author is using the Windows Vista RTM version, the test program asks the user which version of Windows Vista to use. If the user is using a different version of the Windows Vista installer, this screen may not be displayed.

4. After the vLite program detects the selected Windows Vista installation directory, the left side of the main operation interface is in the function tab of the gray non-selectable state, the "Component" and "Tweaks" tabs. Will be enabled. Go to the "Component" tab and the user can select the Vista project that you want to delete (Figure 4). One thing to remind everyone is that the items marked here will be deleted by vLite, not installed. This is the opposite of the usual installation of software.

Figure 4

5. As for the "Tweaks" tab, the Windows Vista fine-tuning project is available for modification. The latest version of vLite is available for adjustment only for the "User Account Control" item. After the user clicks "Disable", the created Windows Vista installer will automatically disable the "User Account Control" function after installation.

6. Next, prepare to make a Vista installation image file for Vista. Before making the image file, the program will ask the user whether to apply the vLite changes only to the Windows Vista installation directory, without deleting the files (Just apply the changes), or re-create a set of Windows Vista installations while applying the changes. Directory to save (Apply and rebuild). If you want to reduce the Windows Vista installation directory, you should select the "Apply and rebuild" item.

7. After completing all the above settings, the program will modify the specified Vista installation directory, including modifying settings, deleting parts and clearing files. The whole process is completely automated.

8. After the creation of this new lite Windows Vista installation directory, the "ISO" tab on the left side of the main interface of the vLite program will also change from the non-selectable state to the optional state. At this point, the user can make the Vista installation directory into an ISO CD image in the "ISO" tab or directly burn it to a disc. The method is to click on the "Make ISO" button in the middle of the vLite interface (Figure 5). After the completion, use NERO and other CD burning software to burn into a special "lite version of the Vista installation CD", that is, you're done.

Figure 5

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