Vista Tips Date and Time Settings

                  In addition to the revamped design, the date and time panels in Vista also have an additional feature modification. Based on user behavior and feedback, Microsoft has modified the access path for date and time settings. In XP, right click on the clock in the lower right corner of the screen to pop up the date and time property control panel, but this feature no longer exists in Vista.

Vista to create a new feature based on how users actually use the operating system. No matter how many times you click or double-click on the clock, you get a new panel that shows the date and allows you to view all the calendars, but you can't modify any system settings. It has only one truly usable behavior, which is a link to open the real date and time settings control panel after clicking. It used to use some cool graphic transitions to zoom in and out of the calendar to show the monthly, annual, zodiac and more.

This is a very convenient feature. In fact, the author, like most of the surrounding friends, uses the date and time property panel to access the calendar in XP. Therefore, not only did I accidentally correct the calendar, but it caused many misunderstandings. I hope that the arrival of Vista will bring you a series of conveniences.

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