Experience the installation of Microsoft Chinese version of Vista

                  Today (June 22) morning decided to try to install Vista again with a notebook, because the preparation is not very full, it took me a long time to install Vista.
So I suggest that you want to experience the Vista style of friends Good preparations

1. Engraved DVD, if there is no DVD burning, install daemon, you can also install successfully
2. Apply CDKEY
3. Make sure your machine is officially announced by Microsoft. Vista minimum configuration.
4. Make sure your C drive is larger than 10G, and it is NTFS format
5. Good hardware driver
Note: If your C drive is FAT32 and you don't know how to convert it, I suggest you Back up your data, then run CMD, enter convert C:/FS:NTFS
Install Vista

I will start from CD installation as an example of this morning
It takes 1 minute, the next search update installation can be done in 2-3 minutes if the speed is fast, if it is not fast, about 5 minutes, of course you can also choose not to search for updates.
11:48 Start copying. During this period The Miami Heat won the Dallas Mavericks to become the 2005-2006 season championship
12:13 copy completed, then began to install the function
12:26 installed , then restart,
12:28 to complete the installation, it takes 15-20 minutes
Restart will have a garbled black interface, do not know what the garbled really mean, can only guess
then Normal installation and some simple basic settings.
So it takes about an hour or so for the whole time, about 15-20 minutes.
About fonts

Looking at the installation before installation The font found during installation is chs_boot, which is the font that many people blame, but the impact on the overall picture is still great, as well as kor_boot Korean font, jpn_boot Japanese font cht_boot traditional Chinese font, estimated version of the corresponding test Versions will come out one after another.

Problems encountered during installation

1.C is not NTFS, the capacity is not big enough
I was very careless at first, no Seeing the format of the C drive, rushing to the horse, causing me to delay for about 20 minutes;
2. When installing the driver, the notebook machine user notices that your drive disk may have automatic recovery function, that is, when restarting Forgetting the driver CD in the CD-ROM drive causes automatic recovery to XP I am therefore delayed for 1 hour and 20 minutes.
We will install the driver after installing the system. Some XP drivers can still run under Vista, but it may be unstable. But vista has been integrated into the market. Part of the hardware driver.
In addition, whether your graphics card is N card (ie NVidia) or A card (ie ATI) can go to the official download Vista driver.
I am here to give friends with Go 7300 users I suggest that my own card is also Go 7300, and unfortunately all NVidia Vista drivers do not support Go 7300, so I spent a lot of effort on the graphics card driver, after installing N more Vista drivers Suddenly found that the XP driver in his driver CD can actually be installed under Vista, and Vista also recognized...
At first sight

After nearly a year of media After the report, everyone knows that Vista is the next-generation operating system. It is gorgeous and has a lot of skill. No matter who sees her, she will look at it more. The supple skin and the shameful face are enough for many people to dump it.

Maybe you have the same habit of not being good or bad as I am, having nothing to do at the table. Right click and then refresh, when you are bored, you will also click properties, adjust settings, etc., but after installing Vista, you can no longer find the pleasure of the previous point attribute jumping out of the property window, and replaced it with a personalized window - - A feeling that we used only when we used the resource manager. I am somewhat unacceptable. This may be just a matter of time. It will adapt to a long time.
Personalization can change the content from top to bottom. Open, let users quickly find the need for the target, -- this is really very convenient and easy to use, novices should get started soon.
The friend who supports DX9.0 will install the Vista driver in the visual appearance. Found as a color scheme point, Windows Vista basic is the default theme of Vista, and Windows Aero is the legendary glass effect, the effect will be better after application.
Control panel

The status of the control panel in Vista has been further improved. Almost every system-related file can be found in the control panel, and some functions point to the control panel. This is a highly centralized management platform, where you can Do whatever you want Everything about the computer, but the soul of the computer, we can't fully control it.

Personally think this is a very good function, this component is a bit like an error report when running. But once you have a problem with your computer, you will see the corresponding error message and the solution, which is very helpful for novices.

No intelligent ABC

Yes, for me who is used to typing with smart ABC, this change is the most unacceptable to me. Just like you have always liked to wear cotton socks and then forced to wear stockings, it is difficult to adapt.
PS: When the screenshot is taken, the start button and Sidebar in the lower left corner will disappear. I don't know how you can make these two disappear. Thank you!

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