How to view WinXP startup information from the command prompt

There are many ways to view the WinXP startup information. One of the most familiar ones is to type “msconfig.exe” in the run and click “System Configuration Utility” to view it. Many friends like to use third-party software directly. Come check it out, it's simple and clear. These methods are built under the normal conditions of the system. If the system is poisoned one day and the system configuration utility cannot be run, or the software, there is a third way to help you, that is, through the command prompt. Check the startup information of WinXP.
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Operation method:
1. By "Start”→“Program” →“Accessories” →“Command prompt” Go to the command prompt action window.

2. In the command prompt operation window, enter the command "wmic startup get caption,command" (without double quotes). After inputting, the command prompt operation window will list the program information that the machine starts automatically with Windows. The “Caption” column in the window is the name of the self-starting project, and the "Command” column is the specific path of the self-starting program.

If we need to output WinXP self-starting information to a text file for us to view or print, we can also use the “wmic /output:d:Startup.txt startup get caption,command” command (Does not contain double quotes). After inputting, a text file named “startup.txt” will appear in the D drive. If you open it, you can also view the program information that the machine starts with Windows. The “d:startup.txt” in this command is the path and name of the output text file, which can be modified as needed.
This method of viewing WinXP startup information through the command prompt, the information is very complete, no worse than using third-party software. Xiao Bian also suggests that you often check the startup information of WinXP, so you can also clean up some startup garbage items in time to help you improve the speed of the computer boot.

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