Easy to implement XP virtual memory transfer skills


Many XP users will inevitably encounter problems with insufficient system disk space. The solution to this problem is to transfer those virtual memory and properly slim down the system. So, what is virtual memory? How to transfer virtual memory?

What is virtual memory?

Virtual memory is actually an extension of hardware memory, opening up some space from the hard disk for Use of tight memory, reasonable setting of the system's virtual memory can make the system run more smoothly. By default, virtual memory is under the disk name of the system, that is, most people use C disk like some C disk space is relatively small. Users I suggest that you should transfer virtual memory to other drive letters, such as D drive, in short, put it under a drive letter that is not used frequently and has a certain space reserved.

Steps for transferring virtual memory:

1. Select “My Computer> Press the right mouse button <;Properties”.

2, open & ldquo; System Properties & rdquo; click & ldquo; Superior & rdquo; & rarr; & ldquo; & rdquo ;. set

3, in the pop-up & ldquo; Performance Options & rdquo; to continue click & ldquo; Superior & rdquo; & rarr; & ldquo; Change & rdquo ;.

4, then the user can clearly see & ldquo; C plate & rdquo; virtual memory footprint between 768-1536MB.

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