How does the XP system display the file extension?


In general, this file extension is hidden. However, there is now an XP system user feedback, for the convenience of work, so I want the system to directly display the extension of the word, Excel and other files. So what should I do? The following small series introduces you how to display the file extension of the XP system.

Operation steps:

1. First, we click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and click on the Tools —— folder option in the menu bar.

2, open the folder options, we continue to switch to the View tab.

3, then hide known file types in front of the extension of the hook removed, click OK, so you can display the file extension in the XP system.

These are the small series to introduce the XP system display method of operation of file extensions. I still don't know how the XP system displays the file extension. Try the above steps to try it out.

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