What should I do if the chart system fails to build when WinXP plays DNF?


DNF (Dungeon and Warrior) is a very popular horizontal version of the game, which is deeply loved by many users. However, recently users who use the WinXP system, when opening the DNF game, prompted "the chart system failed to set up", can't enter the game, how to solve this? Then let's take a look at the solution to the failure of the chart system setup when WinXP plays DNF!


1, install the driver wizard and first screen test, if the driver wizard prompts you to upgrade the video driver is updating the driver, if you are not prompted to upgrade graphics card driver, then It is recommended that you reload the graphics card driver.

2, install the "Microsoft DirectX end user running environment" under the driver system's "system patch" module (even if the display "has been installed", reinstall it again) and restart according to the prompts Computer (as shown below).

3, due to the loss or abnormality of the DNF game's own components will also occur, so if you open the DNF after the above two steps still appear the pop-up window, then it is recommended that you re-install DNF again .

The solution to the failure of chart system formation when WinXP plays DNF is introduced to you in detail. If you are experiencing such a situation when playing DNF, you can refer to the above method. Go and solve it! The method is very simple, one step in place!

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