iOS10 Beta 5 update 8 new changes to the content of the

Today Xiaobian brought you the iOS10 Beta 5 update content introduction, let's take a look at its 8 new changes!
1. You can use Touch ID to download the app directly after restarting the device.
This is probably the most useful feature in this update. It was requested to enter the App Store for the first time after resetting the device. You re-verify your Apple ID password, not the Touch ID feature.
After this update, even after rebooting the device, you can still use Touch ID to verify and download the app directly, which is good news for users with too complicated passwords.
Note: After the update today, users who have not upgraded to the latest beta version of iOS 10 can also use this new feature, but users of iOS 9 are still not available.
2. Third-party applications Widget color deepening
This update Apple has also adjusted the Widget of third-party applications, background colors and native Widgets have become deeper. At the same time, the date display that joined the Widget desktop in the last update can now be viewed directly by swiping the desktop to the right. It must be notified before the center is swiped to the right to enter the widget.
3. The album will re-recognize the character
After entering the system album, open the album-person, you will see a message prompting you to connect the power and lock the screen, the application will automatically take the photo in the album Perform face recognition and classification again. According to the Differential Privacy policy previously mentioned by Apple at WWDC, all scans will be done locally and will not be uploaded to the cloud server for processing.
4. Lock screen sounds and button sounds have changed again
Starting from Beta 1, iOS 10's lock screen sounds and button sounds are "without a heavy sample", which is almost always adjusted every time you upgrade. The place.
In this update, Apple once again used a new lock screen sound, which sounds very much like the sound of closing in reality. Although the new version of the keyboard sound has not changed, you can clearly feel that their sound is bigger than the previous version.
5. Other Updates
The AirPlay logo of the Apple Music App and Control Center has changed.
The above is the introduction of 8 new changes in iOS10 Beta 5, and the related settings options such as Home application are removed from the system settings. According to Apple's official update log, the Smart Battery Case is already available on iOS 10 devices.
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