CF and the Friends of the Club to open the heavy heroes of the permanent hero weapons pumping non-stop

CF heart rushing gold tide activities, in this event, we can extract dragon scales and other hero-level weapons, although the activity is pleasing, However, you don't need to be qualified for the event. Let's take a look at the event website that everyone brought to you with the system.
Event time: September 25 & mdash; October 31, sharp brother activity description: Each gold rush consumes 1 gold shovel, each charge 10Q coins, you can get 1 gold shovel. Use the gold shovel to dig up the gold mine and get the items that are hidden in the gold mine. The role of Warning is that one of the three gold mines below must have a hunting prop. After each gold rush, the first time the gold mine is reset (while resetting the Warning props) without C4 explosives, the C4 explosives need to be reset again, and the C4 explosives need to be completed by the following “armed burial” task acquisition
activities Website:
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