How to delete the account password information stored in IE 10


It is said that if a man does not pre-empt his browser password because you will use his personal computer, then this man is true to you. . . . Looks like there is some truth, then should I not send this tutorial?

When we are on the Internet, if you visit a website frequently, most people may choose to remember the password in order to facilitate the next visit. If your computer is not only used by yourself, it is recommended that you delete the account password that is kept on IE10 in advance to prevent the network account from being used by others.

1. Click on “Tools& rdquo; in the upper right corner of IE10 and select <Internet Options”.

2, the & ldquo; regular & rdquo; the next tab, click on the & ldquo; delete & rdquo ;.

3, check the & ldquo; password & rdquo; later, click & ldquo; delete & rdquo; can be.

After successfully deleted automatically saved in IE10 on all network account password before will be cleared immediately. Once deleted, it cannot be recovered. Please be cautious.

The above method is to delete the password information of all accounts stored in IE10 at one time. If you just want to delete the account password of a website, you can use IE10's “Manage Password” function to perform single deletion. operating.

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