Win10 opens multiple ways of registry editor


Method 1: Run the “regedit” command to open the Registry Editor
Win + R shortcuts to bring up the "Run" dialog box and type "regedit". Figure:

Enter or click “OK", then click “yes" in the pop-up "User Account Control" dialog box to open “Registry Editor&rdquo ;
Method 2: Search through Cortana Microsoft Xiaona
In the Cor10 Microsoft Xiaona search box on the Win10 taskbar, type "regedit", you can automatically search the registry editor program regedit.exe, click on the top The search results displayed “regedit.exe” can be opened with “Registry Editor”.
How to run as an administrator“Registry Editor 
Sometimes you need to run Registry Editor as an administrator to make certain settings if you are a local account or a Microsoft account (standard user) ) Log in to the system, then just right click on the “regedit registry editor in the above image, select “Run as administrator"
If you are using a Microsoft account (administrator) login system, then directly open “ Registry Editor & rdquo; that has administrator privileges.

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