How to open Windows console under Win10 system

Historical Windows systems have integrated a function called Windows console. What does it do? The Windows console is called Microsoft Management Console, or MMC for short. It is the underlying unified platform for all management tools. Let's take a look at how to open the Windows console under Win10.

Windows console program files are located in the C:\\Windows\\System32 directory by default, named mmc.exe, through which users can create, save or open management tools to manage hardware, software and Windows systems. Component. We can open it by double-clicking it in the path directory it is in.
If you are troublesome to go to the system folder, we can call up the Windows console by running the command. Press the Win+R key combination and enter “ldc;mmc (without the outer double quotes)” and press Enter to open the Windows console.
In general, many of the Windows management tools that come with the system can be quickly opened by entering commands in the "Run" window, which is a very real benefit for those users who often use system tools.

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