What are the new features of win10 creators? Win10 creators have hidden features Daquan list


What are the new features of win10 creators? After experiencing the win10 creators, I found that many small features are still unknown. The following brings a list of the hidden features of the win10 creators. Let's take a look at it with Xiaole!

Win10 creators hide the function list:

win10 creator update what win10 creator official version update content

1, WLAN off automatic recovery
< When the WIFI is manually turned off, the Win10 Creator Update will pop up a new dialog box asking for the automatic recovery time of WIFI. This is only added to the updated version of the Win10 creator. The advantage is that the user can be prevented from being connected due to forgetting. The system provides three automatic recovery options of 1 hour, 4 hours, and 1 day, and the user can also manually recover as needed.

2, Win C is back

Cortana new version adds many features, you noticed that in the settings panel the extra "Win C" shortcut key. It was canceled by Microsoft in a preview version, but this time it is finally back.

3, the game bar custom shortcuts

Game Bar independent of the settings panel display, and can modify the associated shortcuts. Although this is not a public design Pratt & Whitney, not everyone will spend it, but it demonstrates the Win10 progress on the human aspects of!

4, DVR broadcast

The red wind seems to have also hit the other side of the ocean. In addition to adding custom shortcuts, another highlight of the new Win10 Game Bar is the addition of online radio. This feature is located in the “Settings” → “Game” → “Broadcast” section, allowing users to stream live through the camera and microphone. However, from the trial situation, this function has certain requirements for computer hardware, and some low-configuration computers cannot open this option.

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