Can Win10 use QQ? Win10 install QQ graphic tutorial


Recently there are netizens "waiting", ask Xiaobian: Can Win10 use QQ? For this problem, the author also installed the Win10 preview version, and successfully installed QQ, so can you use QQ on Win10? The answer is yes, the following is a detailed introduction to the QQ graphic tutorial under Win10.

Two days earlier, Xiaobian installed Win8.1 and Win10 dual systems for everyone, but of course, I downloaded a QQ software on the Internet. At the time of installation to 8%, it was stuck and could not be installed. . Today Xiaobian specially downloaded QQ6.4 on Tencent QQ official website, but everything is normal and can be used normally, as shown below.

Win10 installation QQ need to pay attention: be sure to download the latest version of QQ, previously downloaded a QQ in Baidu search, because it is not official website download, not the latest version, resulting in a long time has not been installed, but not successful, but After downloading the new version of QQ6.4 from the Tencent QQ area, everything works fine after Win10 is installed, as shown in the figure above.

Tencent QQ official latest version download address: Click here to enter.

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