How does the Win7 system potplayer player add external subtitles?


Nowadays, many people will search for various movie guns on the Internet and play them on the potplayer player. However, since many of the gun movies are not subtitled, you need to subtitle the movie. So how does the Win7 system potplayer player add external subtitles? Let's share this skill with you.


1. Take the Wonder Woman, which was previously shown, as an example. We first search the Chinese subtitles of the movie online, and then download it. The process is not described here. ;

2, then we use open potplayer Wonder Woman, then right-click the mouse, select & ldquo in the menu that opens on the playback screen; open - Add captions & rdquo ;, then find a good download Chinese subtitles can be added to it;

3, also with one kind of simple method, that is, when playing movies directly use the mouse to drag and drop subtitle files played on the video can also be Complete the setup. Methods

These are the Win7 system potplayer player to add subtitles, with the subtitles, no longer have to worry about the movie resource is not Chinese, I hope this method can solve everyone's problems.

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