How to quickly close the Metro application that is asleep in Win8

Whether you like it or not, whether you can only say a dirty word, Microsoft's Win8 is basically shaped. Many friends are very upset about the Windows 8 Metro full-screen application. The full-screen application mechanism similar to the Apple iOS application on the tablet is acceptable, but it is also the same on PCs and laptops. It simply loses the natural nature of Microsoft Windows multitasking. Superiority.
This is not, many people think that this is a kind of retrogression, naked backwards, only the Metro application can be found in the store, and it must be run in full screen. To open other applications, you have to rely on the mouse or the Win key on the keyboard or tablet. To switch tasks. Many of my friends used to the old Windows system and wanted to quit the Metro applications that were once opened, instead of leaving them in memory and sleeping in their own systems like zombies.
How to get it? How can I quickly eliminate these full-screen Metro applications that only sleep but refuse to quit?
If you are closing the current Metro application individually, just move the mouse to the top of the screen, then the mouse will become a small hand shape, then hold down the left mouse button and drag the current hand to the bottom of the screen to close it directly. Currently applied. However, if you want to operate in batches, this is a bit cumbersome. What should I do?
Looking down -
Task list, not a task manager list, if you have to press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the task manager to close the process, it is not impossible, but we can use Simpler shortcuts or play with a mouse.
If you only use the mouse, please move the mouse to the top left corner, then wait for 1 second to come up with the thumbnail of the previous application, move the mouse down the left side of the screen, and the current one will be listed on the left side. Metro application list, of course, if you have a traditional interface Windows program will also have a thumbnail display here, this time, you click the middle mouse button on the application you want to close (or click the right mouse button, it will come out a " Close the "item", use the middle mouse button or right click on these application thumbnails to close. As shown below -

Okay, if you are a keyboard party, please press the Win key + Tab, remember that the shortcut key in the Win7 system is a scorpion? In short, this shortcut in Win8 can quickly call up the list of open applications/programs on the left, then right-click and close.
This method is simpler than using the Task Manager to close, but it is still very indignant for Metro full-screen applications that cannot decide whether to quit permanently or temporarily.
Blind to follow the trend, Apple is not necessarily the right choice for Microsoft. It is the best thing to do what the user needs in the face. Maybe Apple will start doing it that day. Sometimes I feel that Microsoft is really trying to follow the trend of Apple and lose its biggest advantage.
Okay, it’s not the heart of virginity, and it’s useless to worry about it. In short, the value of the soft media editor is to provide more fresh and exclusive features and tutorials.
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