What should I do if the win7 computer is turned on slowly?


Reason one: The garbage in your recycling station is not cleaned up in time, we should clean up the garbage in time.

Reason 2: Too many booting items cause your computer to boot slowly. Friends who have installed 360 Security Guards can disable the options you don't need in the “Optimize Acceleration” campaign.

Reason three: Didn't clean up your computer garbage, traces, unwanted plug-ins, unwanted software, and friends who installed 360 security guards can be in the "computer cleanup" ===“ one button Scan & rdquo;.

Reason four: There are too many desktop files on your computer, you can move the files on the desktop to other computers.

Reason 5: The system is used for too long, too many system disk files are recommended to reinstall the system.

Reason six: The default is the system disk when you download the file, causing the system disk file to be too full.

Reason seven: The virus in the computer can be scanned using 360 anti-virus software.

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