Win7 Ultimate computer installation driver failed, how to do file loss?


We know that no matter which version of Windows system, it needs constant update and upgrade to maintain stable operation. Therefore, the driver upgrade installation is also necessary for our Windows system, although this process is mostly in the background of Windows system. Completed, but in reality, it seems that many users have encountered trouble, this is not, today, users who use the w764 flagship system consulted that their win7 Ultimate computer update driver failed, there is a prompt for file loss. Then, how do we solve this problem? Below, Xiaobian will introduce it in detail!

1. First, let's press the win+R shortcut on the win7 Ultimate computer keyboard to open the computer. Run the window, in the open run window, we type cmd and click Enter, so you can open the command prompt window of your 7 Ultimate system.

2. In the open command prompt window, we enter the cd command and click Enter to confirm, then in the command prompt window we can see the path of <;file loss” Now, let's record this path and then access it through the path.

3. Finally, we can choose to copy the lost file in another computer of the same version, or go directly to the Internet to search and download the lost file, and store it in the path just recorded. .

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