Windows 7 library function tips

Library function is one of the biggest highlights of Windows 7 system, it completely changed the file management method, from the rigid folder way becomes more flexible and convenient. However, as the number of files and folders in Curry becomes larger and larger, it is difficult to intuitively select the required files from the library. In fact, using the arrangement of the good libraries can solve this problem well. Just use some examples to see how to quickly find the files needed in the library.
Click on the Explorer on the super taskbar to open the library. You can see that there is a drop-down menu under the "Change your view" button in the Explorer menu bar, the different types of libraries. The options in this menu are also different. For example, the photo library has months, days, ratings, and several options. The document library has authors, date modified, markup, type, and name options. The next thing to do is to use these different permutation options to easily find the files you need.
Quickly locating photos
When looking at travel photos on a computer, if the photos exported from the camera are not marked with a date or location, in order to recall when and where in some months, often use special viewing software. To view the shooting date of the photo, the practical Windows7 image library can be displayed visually. Right click on the folder where the photo is located, select “include to the library/image”, then open the gallery, select “month” or “day” in the upper right corner "arrangement" The photos taken are displayed by date in the Organizer.
In this large number of photos, there may be a few works that I think are well-made. I want to show off with my friends, but I want to pick them out in a lot of photos and send them to my friends for a long time. If you select your own favorite work in advance, right-click and select “Attributes/Details” to quickly rate the photos and set the level with the photo rating function. Next time you see a friend online, just open the photo gallery. By arranging photos in a hierarchical manner, you can quickly find the corresponding evaluation works.
Download a lot of beautiful pictures, and when you want to use the most suitable picture for your screen resolution, when you are on the desktop background, it is easy to pick up the eye in the Explorer, if you have previously filed in the file "Properties /Details" Added tags, such as "1920*1200 wallpaper", I believe it will be easier to find the right desktop in the photo gallery.
Finding documents quickly
The Windows7 document library is very tightly integrated with Office documents, such as clicking the Office button in Word, selecting "Word Options/General", and filling in "Customizing Microsoft Office" in rdquo; The user name sets the author information for your own Office document, and selects the author's arrangement in the document library to be summarized according to different authors. It is very suitable for the office family to find their own writing or send it to others in frequent documents. document.
If you think this is not fast enough, you can also combine powerful library search capabilities. After entering the document library, click on the search box in the upper right corner, where the search filter will be displayed (the default filter for different types of libraries is exactly the same as the arrangement options). If you want to find the files sent by colleagues, just select “Author" search filter, a long list will appear, select the pen name of the colleague in the document or directly input, combined with the preview pane to see if the document content is the file you want. .
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