What should I do if the Win7 system is stuck when playing video in full screen?


Normally, we are bored and will watch the video time on the Internet. This is also a way of leisure and entertainment. However, Win7 users have encountered a problem, open the video to enable full-screen playback, but found that the picture is stuck, how is this going? In response to this problem, let's share with you the solution to the Win7 system stuck in full-screen video playback.


1. First, we press the “Win ​​+ R” setting on the keyboard to open the “Run” window, then enter “dxdiag” and click OK to open &ldquo ; Direct X diagnostic tool & rdquo ;;

2, and then switched to & ldquo; display & rdquo;, under the Direct X functions tab in the red region of the & ldquo; AGP texture acceleration & rdquo; switch off ;

3, then open a video on a web page, and right-click on the video screen, then select & ldquo; & rdquo ;, is set to & ldquo; enable hardware acceleration & rdquo; in front of the hook removed, and finally Click OK.

4, after setting can solve the problem restart the browser.

The above is the solution to the Win7 system when playing video in full screen. Friends who often encounter similar problems may wish to try the above methods, hoping to help everyone.

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