How to install Win10 input method Win10 install Sogou input method tutorial


After installing Win10, the default is only Microsoft Pinyin input method, although Win10's own Microsoft Pinyin input method is much better than Win8, but the initial use is not used, especially the Microsoft Pinyin input method phrase association ability. Too weak, so Xiaobian decisively chose to install Sogou input method. For those who don't know how Win10 installs the input method, let's take a look at the Win10 installation Sogou input method example tutorial, and other input methods are also installed like this.

First, first open Baidu, and then search “ Sogou input method & rdquo;, as shown below:

Second, after the download is found, and then directly install and run, you can The picture shows the Win10 dog input method installation interface, click to install it immediately.

Three, although there are some software compatibility problems in Win10, but the installation of the search input method is quite smooth, as shown in the following figure to complete the installation, it is recommended to set the XX navigation as the home page and other advertising options to remove, then click below carry out.

After the installation is successful, we can use the Ctrl + Shift combination shortcut to switch to the Sogou input method. The first time the switch will pop up the security control dialog box, we need to select “Allow”

Win10 install Sogou input method tutorial for everyone to introduce here, not used to Win10's own Microsoft input method friends, hurry to install your favorite input method.

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