How does a win7 computer perform multi-condition search?

In win7 64-bit Ultimate, double-click to open the computer, enter the library interface, we can see the function of a search library in the upper right corner, input file name or keyword can search any file in the library, very Convenience. But sometimes, because the naming is similar, we may need to enter the full name of the file to find the file accurately, or if we don't remember the full name, we need to check it again in many search results. Very troublesome, if you can enter multiple keywords and perform multi-condition search, you can accurately locate the file. Does the win7 computer have such a function?
1. First, let's open the library interface, then Click on the organization in the taskbar above and select “Folder Search Options” from the drop down menu.

2. In the pop-up window, we will switch the interface to the search field, then check the "Use natural language search" in the search mode below, and then confirm the exit window.

3. After the setup is complete, you may wish to return to the library interface again, and then enter multiple keywords in the search bar in the upper right corner. For example, enter Xiaoyi and *.txt or IE9, the following search results will appear accurate documents.

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