Win7 system practical small function introduction

The Windows 7 system is becoming more and more mature and more stable, attracting a group of loyal experience users. Under this system that is not unfamiliar, have you already been familiar with it? The answer is no, there are many secret functions that you don't know in the windows7 system. If you can use it skillfully, you will have to operate it. Certain help.
Screenshot Tools
There are many simple screenshot tools available, but do you know that there is a good one in Windows? You can find the screenshot tool by typing "snipping" in the Windows search box. Use it to complete four screenshot actions —— full screen, window, rectangle or any shape.
The screenshot tool also comes with a simple image editor that can be highlighted, tagged, or emailed to friends using different colored pens. You can save your work as HTML, JPG, PNG or GIF.
Notes Tools
Another Windows Surprise —— built-in notes tool. To access this (very) basic feature, type “sticky notes” in the search box.
It may not be a feature-rich solution like Stickies, but it provides basic functionality. You can create multiple notes, use different colors and most of the shortcuts in Word, including CTRL+ALT+L lists, CTRL+1, 2,5 set line spacing, and more.
Magnifying glass
is a useful tool for those who find regular fonts not easy to read. One solution is to increase the resolution, which will make everything look bad, and the other is to use a magnifying glass. Type “Magnifier” find it in the search box. You can use it to zoom in on the full screen, zoom in on the specified area, or zoom in on the top of the screen to zoom in on the content below.
You can choose the magnification and the change when you click on the +/- sign. You can also use a magnifying glass to convert the display color, such as a black and white experience that relaxes your eyes.
There are many tools for recording, editing, and converting audio, while Windows recorders are not. Enter “record” in the search box to find it, it can only be used to record simple WMA files.
If you don't have other software installed, just need to record it easily, you can start the tool in seconds. Click Start Recording to record your voice. Clicking Stop Recording will automatically open a save dialog to save the created file. If you want, you can use other programs to specialize in other formats.
Remote Assistance
Do you often use remote control programs to help others? Or sometimes you need help, there are many popular programs to do, but there is a built-in remote assistance solution in Windows 7. . Entering “remote" in the search box to open Windows Remote Assistance will let you choose whether to receive help or help.
If you need help, you can choose two ways, one to create an invitation file with a password to send to a friend, the other is a simple connection, you only need to exchange passwords, but can not be guaranteed to work.
You can also talk to helpers/helpers, configure the bandwidth used by the program, and more.
Question step record
If remote assistance is not enough, you can use the problem step recorder. This tool can record everything you do, create a MHT file with a screenshot (even multiple screens) and a description of each step. You can also add notes for each step. Type “psr” in the search box.
When you finish recording, the program will automatically save as a ZIP archive containing an MHT file.
Malware removal tool
This is still relatively well-known, is a good tool outside of other anti-virus software. If you don't detect the hazard, or if you don't have other kills installed, Windows provides its own malware removal tool. You can find it in the search box using “mrt”.
You can choose to scan quickly, scan fully or custom scans, and the malware removal tool scans your computer to generate reports.
This tool can only scan malware in a limited list, so it can't replace a soft kill, but it can be used as an additional security tool. It also provides detailed links to malware in the list.
Disc Image Burning Tool
This is not so much a hidden tool as it is an added bonus, but it is still very useful. If you have an ISO file to burn and you don't have another burning software installed, double-click it to open the Windows CD image burning tool.
You can use it to burn a CD image very simply. If you associate an ISO file to another program, you can right-click on the image file to burn it, just select "Open". . . ”, then click on the Windows CD image burning tool.
windows7 is a very worthwhile system. When we study the system in depth, we can always find a lot of powerful small functions. These are very rare and very useful functions for users. If users can Familiar with these features, I believe that your operation will be more convenient.

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