Where is the Win7 system scheduled task function?


In the Win7 system, there are many useful small functions, one of which has a scheduled task function. It can set a program to run at a certain time, which is a very good function, but some users do not know where the task planning function is, then where is the task planning function? Let's take a look at the Win7 system task planning function.


1. First we can find the start menu bar in our computer. In the start menu we can see the relevant options, find the control panel options and click to enter.

2, after entering into the computer's control panel, we can see the system and the safety options on the current page in the first row of the first, click on the button and open to enter.

3, after entering into the computer system and the security options in Control Panel, we can find the button at the bottom of the management tools, click into the computer's Scheduled Tasks options.

4, the above operation we can enter into Task Scheduler computer, in the current page, we can be selective in our computer program to operate.

Through the above steps, Win7 Task Scheduler function of the location system should be very clear, no longer afraid of can not find the Task Scheduler function.

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