How does Win7 system make U disk boot lock?


Usually for computer data security, we will set the power-on login password for the computer to prevent others from logging in to our computer, but this method is easy to crack. In fact, we can use the U disk to make the boot lock, which can protect our computer more effectively. Let's share with you the Win7 system to make a U disk boot lock.


1. Search and download the software “alock_cn” in the network and install it on your computer. The specific download and installation steps are not introduced to everyone, you only need to install by default.

2. After the installation is complete, run the Active Lock software directly, select the drive letter corresponding to the U disk that needs to be created as the startup key, and click the “Enable” button. As shown below: After

3, the above operation is completed, when we restart the computer will appear & ldquo; Please insert the USB key disk & rdquo; tips; as shown below:

The above is the whole content of the Win7 system to make the U disk boot lock. Interested friends can try it, effectively protect the computer data.

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