Win7 system prompt request time out how to do?


There are often problems with using your computer. Some Win7 users found that the computer could not access the Internet. When using the command prompt ping ip, it prompts “request time out”, what is going on? What should I do if I encounter such a problem? Let's take a look at the Win7 system prompt request time out solution.


1, the network first determines whether the flow line, to check whether the interface cable is connected normally;

2, to see whether the normal wireless connection, wireless check when the switch is working properly; 3, the test ip exists in the firewall settings, will request time out may occur, the solution is to turn off all kinds of firewall to restrict network access control


4, by arp attacks may also occur request time out, if this is the case, open a command prompt and enter the & ldquo; arp -d & rdquo; arp command to clear the list;

5 There is also a case where the DNS setting is different from the router. We can open the router to view the dns address, and then set the dns of the machine to the dns of the router.

These are the Win7 system prompt solution request time out, there are similar problems users can try the method of small series.

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