The small Raiders that make win7 save more space

Vista is a relatively large system in Microsoft. Win7 as its next-generation operating system, is there such a bloated volume? The answer is no, Microsoft has already absorbed in the early stage of development. The lessons of Vista have been greatly improved. If the user still has doubts about this problem, he can also manually operate to reduce weight loss for the win7 system, freeing up more space.
One. Remove the virtual memory file to the non-system disk
In order to speed up the system operation, Windows provides a virtual memory mechanism, and in Windows 7, the default is to enable this function, and the virtual memory file is in the system. plate. For example, a 2G memory machine, the virtual memory file size is 2G, we can completely remove him! Save space for the system disk.
Specific setup process:
Step 1: Right click on My Computer on the desktop and select Properties. You will see the system about the interface, in the upper left corner of the window, the Advanced System settings.
Step 2: In the setting window of the new popup window, select the first setting button. Go to the Performance setting and select the Change button at the bottom of the Advanced tab to enter the interface for setting virtual memory.
Step 3: First remove the checkmark in the first checkbox so that we can modify the size and position of the virtual memory ourselves. Select the system partition in the disk list, select No paging file, click the set button next to it, then select the non-system partition, select System managed size below, and click the set button. If a dialog box appears in the middle, please select OK.
Two. Turn off the hibernation function, save memory size disk space
Please pay attention to this hibernation non-sleep function! General notebook users may use, hibernation is to write all the memory data to the hard disk, then shut down the system The next time you start the boot, the data you keep will be written back to the memory. The advantage of this is that your ongoing work will be saved, even if it will not disappear after power failure, which is why people often say a few The reason for not having to shut down in the month.
Most people don't use this feature often, but we pay for it the same amount of disk space as the memory, thanks to it! In fact, we can start it when needed, usually shut it down.
The specific method of turning the hibernation function on and off:
Copy the following code, paste it into Notepad, and then save the file to close hibernation.bat
@powercfg -h off
Copy the following Code, paste into Notepad, and then save the file to open hibernation.bat
@powercfg -h on let win7 save more space for small Raiders
When we want to turn off and turn on the sleep function, only need Run the above two bat files as an administrator.
Three. Compressed files, save 1G space
Under the Windows 7 folder, there is such a mysterious folder, its name is winsxs, its volume will probably have 3G. There are a lot of things inside, it is best not to delete them indiscriminately! But we can also squeeze out 1G space from it!
Specific steps:
First we have to add a new option to the right-click menu, & ldquo; Ownership takes ownership. The method is very simple, you can get it by installing an optimization software called Vista Manager. Right-click on the winsxs folder just mentioned and select our new "admin get ownership". This way we can make property changes to this folder. After those crazy pop-up CMD windows disappear, we right-click again to select the properties of this folder, select the Advanced... button below, and the Compress contents to save disk space below (compressed content to save disk space), the previous complex Check the box to check.
Click OK to confirm, the process of compressing the file begins. During the period, some files may be prompted. We can choose to ignore all (ignore all), which may last for about 20 minutes.
The bloated system volume will only slow down the system's running speed. After the above three operations, it can save a lot of free space for the system. With enough memory space, the system will run at a speed. Great improvement, so the two-way operation can not be missed.

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