Windows 7 standby hibernation can not wake up the solution

These two days in the notebook installed Windows 7, always appear after the standby hibernation can not wake up, if it is just standby or hibernate and then open immediately can be restored, but wait for more than a few Minute can not wake up, can only force shutdown, has been using Windows XP before, only use Windows 7 on the big machine, in order to ensure that the idea is not outdated, or endure the habit of Windows 7, special test at night, the first thought is The AHCI-driven problem was as expected.
Tianyuan wrote two questions about AHCI drivers before they were installed on Windows XP. In the process of installing Windows 7, almost all drivers are Windows 7 and use the default driver. So I didn't have the official driver to install DELL. After night test, as long as standby or hibernation is more than four or five minutes, Power button, keyboard and mouse are useless, can't wake up, update AHCI official driver problem, it seems that the default driver There are still many problems. At present, there are compatibility problems such as NIC default driver intermittent network disconnection, AHCI driver standby hibernation, etc., so if you encounter the problem of “unprecedented” on Windows 7, the first one should try whether It was caused by Windows 7 good things (but the last time the standby blue screen on winXP was completely due to the problem of the hard disk).
1, this method is not the only reason Windows 7 standby hibernation can not wake up, for example:
Advanced power management in the BIOS settings may also affect the wake-up problem
standby sleep process There is a hardware shutdown problem or a heat dissipation problem that can cause overheating to crash, which can't wake up. Of course, the crash phenomenon is not necessarily reflected in the blue screen.
In a friend's notebook, I only used Windows 7's own SATA driver. AHCI installed, but will still stand by: (, but must be installed on their laptops to be OK.
2, this article for SATA serial hard drive driver update problem, for traditional ATA hard drive is not suitable, for the traditional Installing the AHCI driver on the parallel port hard disk will cause problems such as blue screen.
3. Before attempting to install, please update the system patch to the latest one. All the drivers installed by default using WIN7, first test whether it is still waiting for the crash, if it still crashes and then change.
One, especially refer to the two AHCI driver problem articles written before the AHCI article
, mainly for Windows XP system and how to find The appropriate AHCI driver, in fact, the previous two articles are exactly the same as the idea of ​​this article, just take care of the computer primary users will be divided into categories, according to the focus of the problem alone.
AHCI driver download and manual installation diagram
AHCI mode driver download, installation and blue screen problem integration
Second, replace the AHCI driver for Windows 7
1, in the start menu, right click on the "computer", select the property to open.

2, select <;Device Manager 

3. Click IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller.

4. As can be seen from the above figure, Windows 7 has the standard AHCI installed by default. 1.0 Serial ATA controller, you need to manually update to the official AHCI driver. For AHCI download, you can go to the official website of the motherboard or notebook. The AHCI driver is more versatile, or look at the article. Right click on the property (double click can also ), select the driver tab, click Update Driver.

5, choose to browse the computer to find the driver software.

6, this Tianyuan has decompressed the AHCI driver to the system disk DELL Record, select and click Next.

7, Windows 7 will automatically search and update the AHCI driver, the update results are as shown below.

8, after the update is complete, click Close, Windows 7 will Prompt to restart the machine, after restarting, Windows 7 will prompt to find the new hardware as shown below.

9, the update may need to be restarted again. After restarting, click the device manager to see that the AHCI driver has been installed normally. .

10. After many tests, there is no standby hibernation again and can't wake up.

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